About Us

About Yash Infinite Solutions Private Lmited (Yashinfinite.com):

We take immense privilege in introducing YISPL (Yash Infinite Solutions Private Limited), as one of the leading digital media service provider, having Cloud based services, PaaS(Platform as a service), SaaS (Software as a service) for Social, SMS, Voice, Email, Online, Video which helps us in leveraging the reach, our core tasks are ·  

  • Strategic Media Planning - All types of media (including TV)
  • Media Buying - All types of media (including TV)
  • Creation and execution of marketing plans
  • Web/Online Marketing, Social (SMM/SMO)
  • Digital solutions like loyalty management, CRM, Ecommerce etc., 
  • Website concept development
  • Product Launch
  • Creation and execution of loyalty & referral programs
  • Co-branding activities
  • Designing & execution of promotional activities

We work on a diversified acquisition strategy which reduces the risk from dependencies and gives us more levers for driving growth.

We are a company managed by enthusiastic and experienced professionals, with specialty in ERP’s, CRM’s, Ecommerce, Mobile Marketing, Digital Advertising, E-mail Marketing, Mobile VAS, Mobile Communities, SMS Content, Mobile Contests, HR, Financial/Banking industry.